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RESI Conference "Let's reflect on unemployment in Iraq" 22.05-19.06.2021

Big thank you to everyone who made the RESI-Student-Conference on "Lets reflect employment crisis in iraq" such a big success. We are so inspired by the many excellent and innovative ideas about 100 students presented and discussed in our final part of the conference. Please find a documentation of the materials and impressions below

Big thanks to the Mosul University Vice-president, the steering commitee and lecturers to create a safe space for so many amazing young people, esp. women and representatives from various minorities. This and your strive for excellence makes our conferences this inspiring forum where young peoples voices are heard and an inspiration for many.


Some impressions of the conference spirit in our picture gallery

The conference on video

Panel 1: Finding environmentally sustainable solutions

Panel 2: Understanding and tackeling unemployment

Panel 3: For our health: Improving food production and medicine.

Panel 4: Let's do it: Our business and project ideas

Panel 5: How university supports us in seeking employment

The grand finale: Our closing ceremony

Your contributions in Panel 1

Your contributions in panel 2

Your contributions in panel 3

Your contributions in panel 4

Your contributions in panel 5