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Materials on Life Quality

1- Theoretical perspectives and policy reports

University life quality: ED595105.pdf

Abbott, P., Wallace, C. (2012) Social Quality: A Way to Measure the Quality of SocietySoc Indic Res 108, 153–167.

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UNESCO (2022) Strategy on education for health and well-being

Michalos, A. (2014)  Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research (SpringerLink

2- Measures

2.1. Global indices

SDG index: Sustainable Development Report 2022 (

Human development index: Human Development Index | Human Development Reports (

World happiness report: Home | The World Happiness Report

Happy planet index: Explore the data – Happy Planet Index

Social progress index: Social Progress Imperative | Social Progress Imperative

Global Human freedom index: Human Freedom Index: 2021 | Cato Institute

Cost of living database: Quality of Life in Iraq (

Mercer city ranking: Quality of Living City Ranking | Mercer

Index of Economic Freedom: Index of Economic Freedom: Promoting Economic Opportunity and Prosperity by Country (

The transformation Index: BTI 2022 (

Global multidimensional poverty index: 2019 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) | Human Development Reports (

Environmental performance index: Welcome | Environmental Performance Index (

2.2. Other (no data for Iraq)

OECD: OECD Better Life Index

EU: EUROSTAT – Quality of life (

Expat Insider (2022) The cities with the best quality of life 

3- Additional reports on Iraq

EASO (2019): Iraq Key Socio-Economic Indicators

World Food Programme (2019): Iraq Socio-economic Atlas 

Iraq, CSO (2020) والبطالة التشغيل مؤرشات] Employment and Unemployment Indicators: مؤشرات التشغيل والبطالة – الجهاز المركزي للاحصاء (

UNDP and OPHI (2019): The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

BTI (2020): Country Report Iraq

UN-Habitat (2015): Iraq Urban Issues 

Unicef (2022): Iraqs National Strategy on Early Childhood Development

NRC (2021): NRC in Iraq

Borgen Project: 10 facts about living conditions in Iraq